Friday, July 6, 2012

meet our newest family member

Well, it has been a crazy, exciting, scary, frustrating, emotional, painful, wonderful, exhausting, tiring, long 6 and half weeks, and we are slowly settling into family life with a new baby.

It all started 6 and half weeks ago when on one fateful Sunday morning, I rolled over in bed, and my lower back had ceased up, and my sciatic nerve was not being friendly at all. I could not move, and if I tried, I was in a whole lot of pain, so much so that my body went into shock. So by 10am we were at hospital, thinking it was just a little check up and send me home affair. However, I spent the next 4 days, drugged up on a lot of pain killers. The pain hadn't eased all that much, so the doctors came in to tell me that the new plan was to induce me that next Sunday, some 3 weeks early, in the hope that by having the baby, the pressure on my sciatic nerve would ease. I was discharged for a few days, and for that few days all I could really do was lay in bed. Connor coped relatively well with the new 'mum can't walk or do much', and we spent a few days reading books, colouring in pictures and snuggling in bed together.

Then came Sunday 27th May, time to go in to be induced. I was feeling rather apprehensive about what was about to happen. My previous birth experience was not pleasant, but I tried to remain positive that this was going to be so much better. Doctors had assured me that an early epidural was on standby (due to the amount of sciatic pain I was still having) so I had that comfort. Within half hour of the Cervidol going in, I started getting period pain like cramps. By the time an hour had ticked past I was having 1 -2 minute contractions. My body must love the stuff!!!! After a few hours, the doctors decided to remove the Cervidol in the hope that it would stop or slow down the contractions, however, it didn't. 7am came around, and they broke my waters. The epidural arrived, and not soon enough I might add, however, it took about 45 minutes, and 2 doctors to get it in. (They said I have very small spaces between my vertebra, hence the difficulty in getting it in... plus the fact that they made me SIT when I actually couldn't due to the sciatic issue.... arrgghhhh!!! OUCHY). The second Doctor allowed me to lay down off the painful leg and within 5 minutes he had it in!!!Happy that it was in, I found myself blissfully unaware of contractions for a couple of hours... until I started feeling things again!!! I felt the need to push, yet I was only 4 -5 cm dilated! They gave me a booster epidural, yet, again, it didn't seem to work. This happened with Connor too. I obviously don't take well to epidurals.

By 3:30pm, after a very very painful examination (I shudder at the memories!!), the Doctors came in to tell me that the baby's heart rate was all over the place and that it was now time for them to intervene and get the baby out quickly. I couldn't help but feel like I had let everyone down, but in the end it was about the health of our new baby. Within minutes of them telling me, they were running me down the corridors of the hospital to the theatre for a Caesarean.

At 4pm, 28th May, we welcomed a healthy 8 pound, 49cm baby boy, Isaac Jared. He was perfect. Even heathy enough to come into recovery with me, and not have to go into special care.

Isaac was a very calm baby... which was nice, because, unfortunately, my sciatic issues had not got any better, if anything, slightly worse. I spent 5 days in hospital, on lots of drugs yet again. By the end of it, being in hospital became my down fall. I needed to get home to get treatment (physio). The drugs were just a temporary bandaid. The longer I stayed it seemed the worse my pain got and the more drugs they pumped in.

Couple days old

 Connors first cuddle... smitten by him!! His first reaction when he saw him was
 "oh he is beautiful". Brought tears to my eyes!!!

It is now 5 1/2 weeks since I had Isaac. I have recovered very well from the C-Section as I've had lots of bed/couch rest due to the sciatic issues. I can now stand and walk around, but still needing to put my feet up when the pain really grabs. I'm finally drug free (apart from the odd panadol and Voltaran) but things are improving.

 Happy dreams

1 1/2 weeks of age

5 weeks of age - Baptism
Isaac has been perfect, however this past week or 2 he has been getting fussier and presenting more and more tummy cramps etc. Given both sides of the family have lactose intolerance, including Connor, we have now switched to lactose free formula and we have seen great results.

Connor is totally in love with his baby brother, and every morning he still gets super excited to see him. Isaac too... responds to Connor with smiles every time he hears his voice or Connor talks to him. It's beautiful to see.

5 weeks old.

He truly has been a wonderful blessing to our little family. And yes... it has been a trying hard 6 weeks, but all I have to do is look at this gorgeous little man, and I am reminded of the wonderful precious gift we have received from God, and the rest tends to fade away to the back of my mind.


  1. Hi Demi, (Hayley Bosveld here :) i totally understand how you felt having to have an emergency ceasar. With Cohen my waters broke at 2:30am and by 4:30pm i was only 2cm. His heart rate kept dropping, he was sitting quite low and he wasnt in any hurry to come out. So Emergency ceasar it was. I actually threw up when they told me. Whether that was because I was upset or from all the drugs I'm not sure. Your boys are gorgeous and I'm glad your feeling better. Praying God continues to bless you and your boys (hubby included ;)

  2. Thanks Hayley!! I think it is quite a common feeling. :-) I'm glad memories fade... well at least the cute smiles and snuggly cuddles are first and foremost in your mind. :-) PS... you guys are coming over are you not? we'll have to catch up when you and Jason are over!!

  3. Beautiful post Demi.
    He is such a beautiful baby - I just love that photo of you with him.
    Skype soon xx

  4. what a gorgeous little man you have!! hope you are well now & enjoying all the precious moments with your 2 little boys xx